The Alcove & State Street Coffee

So I found this after my original spot was way too crowded and people apparently had never parked in a parking lot there this morning. I went on Yelp, found one that was close by, and found this one. At first, I thought it was labeled wrong since it looked like some fancy bar you … Continue reading The Alcove & State Street Coffee

Mudsmith Coffee

So Saturday morning, my boyfriend and I were running errands before going to a celebratory brunch and we decided to get some coffee. He originally recommended Houndstooth Coffee but since I'd already been there, we decided to try Mudsmith Coffee instead, which happened to be just down the street. And oh boy. This place is … Continue reading Mudsmith Coffee

Fidalgo Bay Coffee

So I'm here in Orlando, FL for a work training and man, is it humid and a little stormy. But the conference is full of great information and some interesting people. Plus, the teacher looks like a beardless Santa. Awesome! Anyway, we ended class early today and I decided to look for a local coffee … Continue reading Fidalgo Bay Coffee

Common Grounds – Waco, TX

As part of my birthday weekend, my boyfriend and I drove down to Austin for the day with a pitstop in Waco to stop by one of my favourite home rennovation stores called The Magnolia Market. You may have heard of it if you watch HGTV. Chip and Joanna Gaines, owners of Magnolia, also have … Continue reading Common Grounds – Waco, TX

Flying Horse Cafe – Liquid Culture

From the moment I walked into this cafe in downtown Dallas, I was in love. It reminds me so much of the cafes in Berkeley and Oakland, even a few in the PNW as well! And it's understandable because they actually brew their beans in Emeryville, CA-just by Berkeley! So it's reasonable nostalgia, right? My … Continue reading Flying Horse Cafe – Liquid Culture

Oak Lawn Coffee

Normally, I don't fall in love with a coffee shop immediately. It takes me at least two trips. But Oak Lawn Coffee is something different entirely. It's kindof a hole in the wall in the sense that it's not over the top with a flashy giant sign that you're used to with some independent coffee … Continue reading Oak Lawn Coffee

Next Door Coffee Shop

So Wednesday  was my last day in Chicago. Yesterday, movers came to most of my stuff in a van. Next time I'll see it, I'll be in my apartment in Dallas and starting a new job. So it felt appropriate to spend the morning at the first coffee shop I frequented when I first moved here. First … Continue reading Next Door Coffee Shop