“Good Old Days” by Macklemore & Kesha

Take two of my favourite music artists, have them create a song together, and I’ll be jamming for the next week, at the very least, if not longer. I’ve been listening to Macklemore since my senior year in college (5 years ago, barf) since he’s a Seattle native and I went to school just down the highway 5 from there in Tacoma. And oh, Kesha, my fiesty sparkly love you. I love her, her strength, and her music. I don’t know which part i love the most if i’m being honest.

Anyway, I follow them both on social media and when I heard they were collaborating on a song together, I was ECSTATIC to say the least. It’s a fun song that’ll quite literally make you miss the good old days — maybe the whole point of the song but anyway.

It’s got a fun beat and is in line with both their current music. It’s got a message, it doesn’t condescend, and it makes you think. Good Old Days” is that song for reflection that you can still bob your head to in the car and sing every word. It makes you think how far you’ve come and how far left you still have to go before you’re golden.

It’s a great song. Both Macklemore and Kesha have new albums out. I highly suggest you buy their music, stream their songs anywhere you can, and keep growing. Keep doing you, boo. Listen to “Good Old Days” wherever songs are streamed and bought these days.