Difficult Women by Roxanne Gay

I am obsessed with this author. Roxanne Gay is phenomenal. I've also read her book Bad Feminist and it was enlightening. Difficult Women was no different. Gay divides up the book with short stories about -- you guessed it -- difficult women. Each story is endearing, heartbreaking, and gut wrenching. They highlight women, real women, with lives, secrets, and … Continue reading Difficult Women by Roxanne Gay

Feminist Fight Club by Jessica Bennett

If you follow me on social media, especially Instagram, I've posted snippets of this book over the past couple weeks of doodles or great passages. And that's because  I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS BOOK. not only because it combines two of my favourite things -- Fight Club and Feminism -- but also because it's such … Continue reading Feminist Fight Club by Jessica Bennett

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

If you're on Instagram, or any form of social media for that matter, I'm beyond positive you've seen Rupi Kaur's poetry shared at least once. Her work is brilliant, thought provoking, and heart wrenching. It will be a sucker punch to the gut you'll regrettably enjoy. And you'll hand  your heart over to her articulate … Continue reading Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

The Alcove & State Street Coffee

So I found this after my original spot was way too crowded and people apparently had never parked in a parking lot there this morning. I went on Yelp, found one that was close by, and found this one. At first, I thought it was labeled wrong since it looked like some fancy bar you … Continue reading The Alcove & State Street Coffee

My Life on The Road by Gloria Steinem

I'm just about finished with this book and it's absolutely fascinating. I say that a lot about some books, don't I? Well, this is still the case for this book. I've always been enthralled by people with seemingly unconventional lives and still manage to change the entire social construct. And this memoir by Gloria Steinem … Continue reading My Life on The Road by Gloria Steinem

Sunnie Brook Tea

I've bought two of her teas more times than I can count. I may be biased though, because the proceeds go to one of my favourite non profits - Two Wings, where you can learn more here - that helps sex and human trafficking survivors in the Los Angeles area. The nonprofit does beautiful work … Continue reading Sunnie Brook Tea