Lauren Conrad Tea Pot & Earl Gray Tea

So my birthday was just over a week ago and I’ve basically been celebrating a whole bunch. Because birthdays only happen once a year and I’m in an okay place right now, which is awesome. Anyway, so my best friend, who happens to share my love of horrible reality TV and Lauren Conrad, quite possibly sent me the best gift I’ve received in a while.

If you’ve been living under a rock lately and haven’t heard, Lauren Conrad of The Hills fame has her own fair trade line called The Little Market. And all products sold are made fair trade by local female artisans around the world. It’s awesome stuff and all the products are insanely adorable. I love any product that is functional, appealing, and gives back in some way.

So when my bestie said she was mailing me something, I knew it was going to be good. I just didn’t know it was going to be this good.

The tea is organic fair trade earl gray and I’m obsessed. It’s not super fruity but its definitely caffeinated, which I love. And I haven’t had a chance to use to the tea pot, I’m waiting for a morning where I have some time to just sit and enjoy it while overlooking the trees by my apartment. But if you have a chance, check out the Little Market and pick up some goodies for yourself! I promise you won’t regret any purchase. Plus, you’ll feel good doing it too!


Sunnie Brook Tea

I’ve bought two of her teas more times than I can count. I may be biased though, because the proceeds go to one of my favourite non profits – Two Wings, where you can learn more here – that helps sex and human trafficking survivors in the Los Angeles area. The nonprofit does beautiful work and I’ve been lucky to see some of the graduates succeed in person while I was living in LA.

Anyway, if you don’t know who Sunnie Brook is, she’s a hair stylist based in Los Angeles and New York who has some serious top notch talent as clients. Such clients include Katie from Scandal, Karla Souza from How to Get Away with Murder, and several others as well. Her store on her website has mostly beauty products that she swears by as well as several tutorials of how to use them. But my favourite, like I’ve mentioned already, has to be her line of tea that directly benefits Two Wings.

I love the Beauty tea and the Organic Lavender Earl Gray. They’re incredibly relaxing, smell delightful, and come in stellar packaging. Even complete with a handwritten note as well! It’s adorable. ANd the fact that i know the woman who creates them and have worked directly with the nonprofit it supports only adds to the benefit. I love supporting local businesses and non profits that spend their money on who they aim to help instead of pocketing it.

You can buy the tea here or check out the rest of Sunnie’s website and tutorials on her website! She’s the sweetest, I swear by some of her products, and I can’t wait to get my hair done by her as well!

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Favourites

You know you’ve found a great man when he texts to say “hey babe, i couldn’t remember what kind of coffee bean tea you like most so I got you three that i know you mentioned”. He’s a keeper, guys.

After he moved in, he brought English Breakfast, Earl Gray, and Scottish Breakfast. All solid choices but nothing compares to their Winter Dream tea, obviously. Each of these has their own great tastes and accolades but strangely, I think my favourite out of the three is the Scottish Breakfast. It’s strong, keeps you caffeinated, and yet, it’s light enough that it doesn’t make you feel like you became a tweaker without realizing it.

But I think the thing I love most about Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf teas is that they’re all delicious. They don’t feel heavy or insanely caffeinated like other brands. They’re relaxing, which is the perfect way to enjoy a cup of tea at any point in time. Plus, their packaging is on point and incredibly sustainable too. I’ve used several of them as flower vases, toiletry holders, and more.

Scottish Breakfast: 5/5

English Breakfast: 4.5/5

Earl Gray: 4.8/5


Tazo Tea

After I started drinking tea more regularly, I needed to find a brand to commit to that I could find easily and rather cheaply. But being 15, the monetary donation to my “Let’s get Dana caffeinated fund” largely fell on my parents, mostly my mom. And she actually found this brand because she gets the Kenya beans from Starbucks. Tazo will always have a special place in my heart and will always be a go to if I can’t find another brand or willing to try a new one.

As expected, my favourite has got to be the Earl Gray. But really, does that surprise anyone? Probs not. It’s not the best quality as the brand’s pretty much for the masses. Anyway, some other favourites include Awake and Zen – Awake is a great breakfast tea that gets your day going and Zen is a way to relax, it’s a green tea that I’m actually a little obsessed with. Probably my favourite thing I like about the brand, though, is the names of the tea.

Of course, there are the classics like Earl Gray or Chai, but there are a few others like Awake, Calm, or Zen that are really catching and not exactly what you’d expect.  You can usually find these at most any major supermarket or Target stores. They unfortunately stopped carrying them at Starbucks. Not sure why.

So go get caffeinated!


Mighty Leaf Tea

I’ve tried a variety of teas over the years and have a few favourites that I like to circulate but no matter what, I always come back to Mighty Leaf. It’s a little more expensive than say, Tazo or another brand, but it’s worth the price hike. Promise.

Favourites are Earl Gray, naturally, and surprisingly their Orange Dulce. All the teas are organic, fair trade, and mighty delicious. Can’t remember where they’re made or who makes them in particular but you can find them in most any supermarket. I usually get mine at Whole Foods or Safeway. But if you can’t find them in your local supermarket, buy them online here


With the Earl Gray, it’s a great staple. It’s not sweet, not bitter-it’s like the Goldilocks of the brand. It’s just right. And it’s caffeinated just enough that you wont feel jittery after a few cups. SOOO GOOD.

And with the Orange Dulce, I can only have one or two cups of it. It’s sweet with a citrus bite and a little harder to find but totally a necessity when you do. It’s a great way to mix it up if you’re tired of the bitter or the lighter tasting teas out there. It’s flavour packed without any gnarly after effects.

Still looking to try new flavours or brands out there. Let me know your suggestions!