Lauren Conrad Tea Pot & Earl Gray Tea

So my birthday was just over a week ago and I've basically been celebrating a whole bunch. Because birthdays only happen once a year and I'm in an okay place right now, which is awesome. Anyway, so my best friend, who happens to share my love of horrible reality TV and Lauren Conrad, quite possibly … Continue reading Lauren Conrad Tea Pot & Earl Gray Tea


Sunnie Brook Tea

I've bought two of her teas more times than I can count. I may be biased though, because the proceeds go to one of my favourite non profits - Two Wings, where you can learn more here - that helps sex and human trafficking survivors in the Los Angeles area. The nonprofit does beautiful work … Continue reading Sunnie Brook Tea

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Favourites

You know you've found a great man when he texts to say "hey babe, i couldn't remember what kind of coffee bean tea you like most so I got you three that i know you mentioned". He's a keeper, guys. After he moved in, he brought English Breakfast, Earl Gray, and Scottish Breakfast. All solid … Continue reading Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Favourites