Murray Street Coffee Shop

Holy Jesus. Can you believe it’s already 2018? And basically the middle of January already? It’s mildly disgusting if you ask me. This month hasn’t been going the way I originally anticipated it would but I still have a pretty solid feeling about 2018 in general.

Anyway, I figured while I’m doing some work, I’d check out a new coffee shop in a part of Dallas that I don’t frequent nearly enough. It’s Murray Street Coffee Shop in Deep Ellum — basically the hub of Dallasite wannabe hipsters. The land of quality food, great food, and even better people watching. Bonus points if it’s late at night too.

This place was a little hard to find and is off the main path of Deep Ellum. But it’s cute, quaint, and two stories! I’m in the loft area at a giant table which I’m sure is made of reclaimed wood. This place is cozy, inviting, and warm. Which is even better in this weird cold front Dallas is currently having. It’s 19 degrees and I definitely thought I left subfreezing temperatures when I left Chicago. But clearly, I’m wrong this time.

Murray Street Coffee Shop appears to be in a work loft type of space and the upper level is split into two sections, connected by a FANTASTIC staircase. It’s really cozy up here, and the aesthetic makes me want to plop on the couch and watch the people go by on the street more so than anything else.

Anyway, I’d recommend this place if you need a grab & go coffee for a day of exploring Deep Ellum. But I’m not sure if I’d recommend it to stay and work in. It seems like the type of place since it’s small and is two levels, that would get loud pretty easily with minimal people.  The art on the walls is definitely pretty quality though.




Ja Rule & Ashanti

Okay so over the weekend, my boyfriend and I went to The Bomb Factory here in Dallas to mildly relive our childhoods and see Ja Rule & Ashanti live. We were super stoked because their music may not change the world anytime soon but it was always fun to get stoked for an event or pretend you were a BAMF & secretly weren’t.

But dang, did they disappoint. Maybe it was the state of mind I was in that night or the venue or some combination of various factors. But it wasn’t what I was hoping it’d be. A couple friends had mentioned in passing that they weren’t great live but I was hoping that since a couple years had passed and there was that #fryefestival debacle earlier this year that they’d get their act together, literally.

Ashanti & Ja Rule both have new music out and they played a few of their past hits. It was a good time to sway and dance to but it wasn’t the concert high we all seem to chase, if you’re into live music like me at least.

I’m not sure who the opening acts were, as I’d never heard of them, but they definitely didn’t set the stage well for the rest of the show. The hype men were off but the dancers were attractive.

I guess this was a lesson in having realistic expectations early on for concerts. And that they’re not all going to be winners, unfortunately. But it was a good date night and we’ll have a story. Because who knows when the next time they’ll go on tour will be? It was an experience, to say the least.

Drugstore Cowboy

So I’m in Deep Ellum because, honestly, I needed time to be surrounded by my fellow hipsters and to have some me time. Deep Ellum in Dallas is the cliché hipster neighbourhood here. It’s grungy, there’s coffee shops everywhere, and bars that probably serve drinks I cannot even pronounce. Plus, everything seems to be fair trade, vegan friendly, and it feels comforting to be in this neighbourhood for some reason. Maybe it’s the concert venues, maybe it’s the constant flow of coffee & donuts, or maybe it’s just the gritty feeling of it mixed with up & coming. It’s probably the gentrification of it that feels familiar of the Bay unfortunately.

But anyway. I saw Drugstore Cowboy when I was getting brunch with a few friends the weekend before next door. I wanted to stop in but after brunch, i couldn’t justify another cup of strong coffee. But I’m definitely glad I stopped in when I did.

I took Sunday morning while my boyfriend went to work to take myself on a date to Deep Ellum and finally check out this super hipster coffee joint out for myself. It looks like it’s almost in an old pharmacy storefront with the reclaimed wood bar and the industrial feel to it. And I’m sure that’s exactly what they’re going for with the name. It perfectly encapsulates Texas with hipster. It’s adorable.

I went for their drip coffee and some water as I’ve had more than my alloted lattes for the week and I’m trying to stick to my diet. But dang, even their drip coffee is strong. It makes me wonder what their espresso drinks are like. Maybe next time I’ll try their lavender or flavoured lattes. Since we all know anything lavender is my jam.

This place is especially cute because it reminds me a little of my old neighbourhood in Chicago. It has open mic nights and an open jam session too. Of course they’re way past my bed time or else I’d check them out. Maybe next weekend I’ll make myself stay up til 10PM to see what local artists are coming up here. I’m thinking date night with the boo?

I’m not sure if I’ll be frequenting this spot for more than a cup of joe and go but the reclaimed wood tables and cozy feel are definitely a hipster paradise. Plus, they sell kombucha — a major selling point for me, not going to lie. And if you decide to imbibe, their alcohol options are from local Dallas or Texas breweries and they have extensive options available. I’m taking a bit off from drinking so I can really focus on finding work that makes me excited (besides this blog of course!) and it’s really nice to see a spot really dedicate their menus to supporting local companies.

Anyway, if you’re in the Dallas area and need a real dose of hipster, check out Drugstore Cowboy. Their coffee is strong, the baristas are cool, and you’ll have some quality people watching — even at 10AM on a Sunday!

Method Coffee

Recently, a friend recommended this spot over in East Dallas and I decided to take a chance. Their Yelp page looked fantastic, seemed to have the perfect blend of hipster and modern, and their coffee selection looked fantastic. So this morning, since I’m finally over a gnarly cold that had me waking up coughing (gross, I know), I decided to treat myself to a new coffee shop in a part of town I hadn’t really explored yet. Plus, there was a really cute dog in a planter that greeted me when I walked on the patio to go through the front door. Score!

I ordered a 2% lavender latte, a seemingly new go to order for me, and a cinnamon roll. Not the best for starting a healthier lifestyle, but hey. I’ve been better this week so sometimes you just need to treat yourself, right? Hopefully  your answer’s the same as mine – an enthusiastic yes!

What I really enjoyed about this spot is that it quickly became apparent that it’s a great place to work. Free wi-fi, ample table space, and enough places to sit where you dont feel too bad about comandeering one for a bit one morning. These are definitely some of the perks I look for in a coffee shop when I’m planning on spending at least a couple hours in to work on the blog, do some research, or even get out of the apartment for a bit. But i think my favourite aesthetic part of the coffee shop is the exposed brick wall they have by the barista bar. I’m a sucker for brick walls with wood accents. call me a secret hipster or the next fixer-upper star, I don’t care. But I love it. Feels super rustic, warm, welcoming, and very homey to me. Maybe it reminds me of my childhood or something, I don’t know.

But if you’re in the Dallas area, specifically just north of deep ellum, you should definitely check out this spot. It’s adorable, decent coffee, and an adorable aesthetic. I promise you won’t regret it.