Local Press & Brew

Okay first off, I originally saw this lace when I was trying out Serve last week and it looked adorable. So I figured I'd give it a try this week, as it looked like there was enough tables to sprawl and the outdoor seating was adorable. But the weird thing about this place is that … Continue reading Local Press & Brew


Serve Coffee House

Okay first things first, it is kindof hard to find this place if you're not paying attention. But then again, it shouldn't be once you find it. It's in a bright blue house with a sign on the sidewalk but I honestly wasn't looking for a house in a neighbourhood! So blonde problems. Anyway, this … Continue reading Serve Coffee House

Mokah Coffee & Tea

Okay first off, I love Deep Ellum. I'd live here if I could. It's full of hipsters, great coffee, and an awesome music scene. Plus, there's an amazing pizza place here that I'm obsessed with. It may or may not be where my mom and I had an amazing heart to heart when I first … Continue reading Mokah Coffee & Tea

Murray Street Coffee Shop

Holy Jesus. Can you believe it's already 2018? And basically the middle of January already? It's mildly disgusting if you ask me. This month hasn't been going the way I originally anticipated it would but I still have a pretty solid feeling about 2018 in general. Anyway, I figured while I'm doing some work, I'd … Continue reading Murray Street Coffee Shop

Crooked Tree Coffeehouse

I went to this spot a few weeks ago after running errands with the boyfriend. Luckily, he loves discovering new spots with me, all in the name of research & caffeine. I mean, seriously. Could I have gotten any luckier? Anyway. This spot is actually located in an old home and is super adorable. They … Continue reading Crooked Tree Coffeehouse