La La Land: A Kind Cafe

Okay SO. This isn't a coffee shop based on the movie about LA or something based on if you were actually dozing off. It's a coffee shop that's bright, cheery, and filled with strong coffee. Plus, the staff is all foster youth transitioning out of the system. And if you know anything about me, you … Continue reading La La Land: A Kind Cafe


Blue Bottle Coffee

I love San Francisco. It's by far one of my favourite cities and one of the few where I immediately feel at home. If I could pick up and move anywhere right now money no option, it would most likely be to San Francisco. After all, there's a reason so many people leave their hearts … Continue reading Blue Bottle Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee

If you're on Instagram or follow any health/wellness bloggers, you've probably heard of the caffeine trend known as Bulletproof Coffee. It's supposedly got healthy fats and supposed to help increase brain activity or something. To be honest, I always get really confused in the wellness world what triggers brain function, what increase metabolism, and the like. There … Continue reading Bulletproof Coffee