Taylor Swift “Reputation”

Let me get this out of the way. I love Taylor Swift. Not because she’s a fantastic songwriter or because she’s the most hipster artist out there. But because I can listen to her music, relate to it, and dance my ass off to it. It’s ear candy and I fully understand that. There are plenty of issues with T Sweezy that I have (i.e. cultural appropriation, lack of perceived awareness of POC women, etc) but for all intents and purposes, the woman knows what she’s doing. And I can respect that.

Her new album Reputation is amazing. I love it. And I’m only mildly ashamed. But I love it for different reasons than I did previous songs of hers. Reputation is the first album of Swift’s that I could listen to throughout without vomiting once or twice. This album seems more mature, and much more aware of what it takes to be an adult today. With all its nuances and such.

T. Swift turns her reputation on its head and she runs with it. With this song list, she seems to know exactly how everybody thinks of her. ANd she doesn’t care. And I love it. Absolutely love it.

I get that Taylor Swift has her issues. And her music isn’t necessarily mind-blowing or life-altering. But it’s calculating and it’s to the point. She knows what she’s doing, she’s in control, and I love it. She’s a guilty pleasure, for sure. I’m not sure which song is my favourite but Ed Sheeran & Future make an appearance on the second track and weirdly, it works well.

Listen to this album. Even if it’s solely for the fact of judging her new music. It’s so different than her previous work. And it stands out in her repertoire.


The New Kesha Album

Okay, so I know I talked about one of Kesha’s latest singles here BUT i have to talk about her album, ‘Rainbow’. (sorry Mom) it’s fucking fantastic. I want this to be my life soundtrack. Each song is straight fire, as the kids would say these days.

You have your more emotional songs like ‘Praying’ or ‘Rainbow’ that secretly make you want to cry but also rejoice in the fact that somebody finally understands the nuances of trauma and pain. Then you have ‘Woman’ and ‘Let Em Talk’ that just make you want to dance. I’m actually obsessed with this album and i haven’t felt like this about an entire album in close to years.

It may help that I relate to Kesha’s current legal struggles or her open dialogue about mental health. Or it may help that her first albums were straight up how i got ready for fraternity parties or girls nights out. I have a lot of really solid memories associated with Kesha and I have absolutely no shame about that.

This album makes me feel like I’m covered in glitter, sunshine, and rainbows. But without the lasting effects of finding glitter in your shower 6 months later. I am SO excited that Kesha is putting new music out and I cannot wait to have this album on repeat on Spotify and iTunes.

Don’t forget to support your local artists. They need to make money too, even if you think they already make enough.