Meet The Editor

Hey there. I’m Dana but most people call me D, Dizzy, or some variation of the two. And you can usually find me either annoying my dog, making sarcastic jokes with my boyfriend, or starting dance battles with my friends, usually in the middle of crowded places and all of this often with a cup of tea in hand. I’m in my mid twenties, utilizing this space to grow my love for all things written, sung, and page turner quality. And I’m hoping to draw your attention to artists, authors, and caffeine vendors that deserve all the love in the world.

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Things I like? Besides the obvious, I like my neurotic dog, decorating my apartment on zero budget, and spending time with people I love and with who inspire me. Plus, I like fresh flowers, recently fresh vinyl, and how to become the most unironic hipster yet. And I like everything the arts has to offer as well as the people involved with them. They’re nothing short of pure unaltered brilliance.

Things I don’t like? Undercaffeinated tea, bad coffee, uninformed people, and lackluster adventures. But that usually gets better in time.

Read on, my friends. Hopefully you’ll stay a while and find something you like.