The Perfect Morning

So it's been a minute. I just started Professional Development at the elementary school I'll be teaching at this upcoming year AND gearing up for night classes starting in two weeks. So I'm getting back into my morning routine so I can really be intentional about my day and I can be at school as … Continue reading The Perfect Morning


Deep Ellum Arts Festival

I'm borderline obsessed with arts festivals. I've been going to them since I was a kid and they're always fantastic places to not only people watch but also support your local artisans, which has always been a huge thing for me. Even though I've been in Dallas two years now which is crazy, I still … Continue reading Deep Ellum Arts Festival

The Importance of Self-Care & Mental Health

I've started this post what feels like 1,000 times. It's such a critical, taboo topic that needs to be talked about more but for some reason, it isn't. And I hate that because whenever we lose someone to addiction, to suicide, to some other mental health issue -- we wonder why they didn't come forward. … Continue reading The Importance of Self-Care & Mental Health