Pegasus Books

If we've met in real life, you probably know that I grew up just outside San Francisco in a suburb that was great to grow up but one I was stoked to get out of once I turned 18. I'm sure anyone who grew up in the suburbs can relate. One of my favourite places … Continue reading Pegasus Books


Blue Bottle Coffee

I love San Francisco. It's by far one of my favourite cities and one of the few where I immediately feel at home. If I could pick up and move anywhere right now money no option, it would most likely be to San Francisco. After all, there's a reason so many people leave their hearts … Continue reading Blue Bottle Coffee

Matcha Bar — Silverlake

I am obsessed with the LA neighbourhood, Silverlake. It's the first neighbourhood I lived in when I moved to LA a few years ago and was sad to move to Hollywood. Like, genuinely sad. Not that Hollywood doesn't  have its perks. And no, I'm not talking about the Hollywood you see in the movies. But … Continue reading Matcha Bar — Silverlake

Jackson Pollack — AR style

So I went to Arkansas recently to my boyfriend's grampa's house to help him go through some things, watch him work on cars, and get of Dallas for a weekend. Though by no means am I meant for small town life, at all, it was really nice to see a slower pace in comparison to … Continue reading Jackson Pollack — AR style