La La Land: A Kind Cafe

Okay SO. This isn't a coffee shop based on the movie about LA or something based on if you were actually dozing off. It's a coffee shop that's bright, cheery, and filled with strong coffee. Plus, the staff is all foster youth transitioning out of the system. And if you know anything about me, you … Continue reading La La Land: A Kind Cafe


Full City Roosters

I took a much-needed break from the blog, which is why there hasn't been an update or post for some time. Grad school has been insane and I'm exhausted constantly but my kids are adorable and it's really inspiring work. Even when I want to throw my head against the wall and give up some … Continue reading Full City Roosters

Local Press & Brew

Okay first off, I originally saw this lace when I was trying out Serve last week and it looked adorable. So I figured I'd give it a try this week, as it looked like there was enough tables to sprawl and the outdoor seating was adorable. But the weird thing about this place is that … Continue reading Local Press & Brew

Serve Coffee House

Okay first things first, it is kindof hard to find this place if you're not paying attention. But then again, it shouldn't be once you find it. It's in a bright blue house with a sign on the sidewalk but I honestly wasn't looking for a house in a neighbourhood! So blonde problems. Anyway, this … Continue reading Serve Coffee House

Urban Alchemy Coffee

My apologies for the unintentional hiatus! I just finished my first semester of grad school that was 4 classes in 5 weeks, combined with working full time. To say I was exhausted and overwhelmed is definitely an understatement but at the same time, I have never been this excited or motivated by a potential career … Continue reading Urban Alchemy Coffee

Bondadoso Coffee & Tea Collective

Okay, so I found this place on Yelp because I wanted to try a new spot near my parents' place. And this place is fantastic. It's a cute little shop area when you first walk in AND THERE'S BOARD GAMES WITH A GIANT WALL OF QUOTES AND RECLAIMED WOOD TABLES. Can you tell that I'm … Continue reading Bondadoso Coffee & Tea Collective