Capital One Café

Capital One Café

So I'm in Walnut Creek, a place I haven't been to for more than 20 minutes since I was 19, and I'm sitting in a coffee shop that partners with Capital One. I love these kinds of coffee shops because they also give you money counseling too. Which in today's day & age, is a [...]


Mudsmith Coffee

So Saturday morning, my boyfriend and I were running errands before going to a celebratory brunch and we decided to get some coffee. He originally recommended Houndstooth Coffee but since I'd already been there, we decided to try Mudsmith Coffee instead, which happened to be just down the street. And oh boy. This place is [...]

The Indy 500!

So this past week has been insane, which is probably an understatement. My boyfriend moved in a week ago (no more long distance? yes please!) and then we were off to Indianapolis for the Indy 500. And holy wow, was there some good people watching. But I'm also pretty sure I've never sweated that much [...]

Bunny MicroBakery

First of all, can I say that this bakery is one of the things I miss about Chicago? I'm so sad it opened just before I left because their food is absurdly delicious. I first tried some of their stuff while at a coffee shop (hey Bowtruss! still love your coffee) and fell in love. [...]