La La Land: A Kind Cafe

Okay SO. This isn’t a coffee shop based on the movie about LA or something based on if you were actually dozing off. It’s a coffee shop that’s bright, cheery, and filled with strong coffee. Plus, the staff is all foster youth transitioning out of the system. And if you know anything about me, you know that I have really strong feelings about the current foster care system in the United States. It’s atrocious and I’m so glad that the staff is in a place to get help transitioning out. It made me like the establishment even more.

I first heard about it in a review session from a friend of mine in the same grad program as me and I knew from the moment I started looking into it that I needed to check it out. So to celebrate a personal milestone recently, I dragged my boyfriend along and we checked it out.


This place is AWESOME. I couldn’t decide if I wanted a matcha or if I wanted drip coffee so the lady at the register was kind enough to give me a small, tiny drip coffee on the house if I ordered the fancy matcha to have. It was so sweet and I left a tip to cover the drip as well.

Anyway. My boyfriend and I took our drinks outside and sat in the rocking chairs. We cracked jokes with the surrounding people about how we’re not actually real millennials and that people should get off our lawns. It was PHENOMENAL. Then we went to go get tacos, meet up with a friend, and take care of business. It was the best way to start a morning and I actively suggest everybody try it at some point in your life.


So if you’re like me, you’ll love La La Land. You can learn more about it here and you can find it just off Greenville ave by the Trader Joes so you know it’s in the prime location for hipster heaven.



One thought on “La La Land: A Kind Cafe

  1. Hi Dana, Sounds like a fun morning! What a great place-good pictures too. Glad you have a bit of time to write your posts again. I love reading them.

    Also, I understand that congratulations are in order re: your receiving a posting to a middle school teaching English as a second language! Bravo! That sounds more like what you were hoping for when you started the grad program. Keep up the good work. I am proud of you.

    With lots of love,

    Amah >


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