The Dirt

Okay so. If there’s anything you should know about me music wise, I am unashamedly a fan of 70’s/80’s hair metal. Think Mötley Crüe , Van Halen, Journey, The Doors,etc. Basically, any band with hair that didn’t age well and had really absurd shows and most are part of the 27 club and I’m most likely a fan.

70s/80s rock almost always get me hyped for a big event or it’s just really good if you are having a really terrible day & need a solid drum solo to make you momentarily forget whatever terrible thing is currently happening. But without all the mind-numbing substances.

The band I specifically want to talk about is Mötley Crüe and the new movie on Netflix about them called The Dirt.  If ou somehow haven’t heard of Mötley Crüe before, they’re an infamous rock band from the 80s that had their final show in 2015, did a slew of drugs, and all got sober before it was cool for a huge band like them to do so. They really lived up to their name and took the saying any publicity is good publicity to heart and then some.

If you don’t have Netflix, I’m not sure if it’s on any other streaming services right now but if you do, IT’S SO GOOD. But, it does come with a trigger warning, especially for those who are recently clean & sober, are currently battling addiction, or have ever lost anyone to an overdose – specifically opioids. Because it shows a frank depiction of what it means to be an addict and the cost it can have on your loved ones.

Besides that, this movie was GREAT. It has a solid cast, is based on the band’s book of the same name, and is apparently the highest rated movie from a streaming site on Rotten Tomatoes right now. It does a really good job of highlighting the band’s journey from just starting out to superstardom to breaking up and then getting back together again.

It mostly tells the story from the perspective of Nikki Sixx, the bassist, but does tell the story from the other bandmembers perspective as well. I learned a lot about the band, how they made their music, and some of the crazy stories the band put their manager and record label through.

Anyway, if you have a moment, are in the right mindset, and want to watch a movie where you can live vicariously through a real rock & roll band, then watch The Dirt! So recommend!



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