Local Press & Brew

Okay first off, I originally saw this lace when I was trying out Serve last week and it looked adorable. So I figured I’d give it a try this week, as it looked like there was enough tables to sprawl and the outdoor seating was adorable.

But the weird thing about this place is that it’s basically only outdoor seating, save for two or three tables inside that look like they’re more for coffee dates than spending four hours at working on homework and blog posts. I could definitely picture this, though, as a great spot to reconnect with old friends and it has a hipster vibe to it. Plus, if you have any issues, there’s a hospital right across the street which could be a plus, I guess.

Anyway, this spot is very friendly which makes my heart so happy because I can learn tricks from other dog owners for our puppy who gets nervous around other dogs. It’s great.

I would probably recommend this spot if you need to do a grab & go or if you’re looking for an outdoor space to catch up with old friends while simultaneously socializing your dog. Plus, the decor in and outside the spot is adorable and it’s right near Bishop Arts — which is slowly becoming one of my new favourite neighbourhoods in Dallas!

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