Serve Coffee House

Okay first things first, it is kindof hard to find this place if you’re not paying attention. But then again, it shouldn’t be once you find it. It’s in a bright blue house with a sign on the sidewalk but I honestly wasn’t looking for a house in a neighbourhood! So blonde problems.

Anyway, this place is adorable. It’s in a neighbourhood just a block or so north from the main street of the Bishop Arts District in Dallas — which I’m surprisingly starting to love more and more. But I am a little worried about the gentrification aspect of it. It’ll be a work in progress, I guess.

Once you walk up to the front deck thru the front door, you’re greeted by soothing music thats strangely upbeat and welcoming. It sounded like church music at first but I’m not sure if it actually was or not. Whatever. The aesthetic of serve is definitely clean, crisp, with a few dashes of hipster.

There’s acai bowls, avocado toast, and 3 kinds of mylk for your fancy espresso drinks. I went for the classic lavender latte with a dairy-free milk and IT WAS SO GOOD. Luckily, there wasn’t a long line since I asked a lot of questions since it was my first time in. No regrets. The baristas and I bonded so it evened out — even if it was just superficially.

This place is perfect for relaxing on a rainy day, which is exactly what I did. The wi-fi is fast, their password is on a chalkboard near the water, and there’s a backyard in the back for games and more. I know it’s all sorts of cliche but I still love it. There’s local art all over the walls and a piano as well.

If you’re ever in Bishop Arts and need a spot that’s not directly on the main street in the district, check this place out.



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