Pink Magnolia Brunch

So a week or so ago, a few friends of mine from my grad school cohort decided to institute the first monthly edition of “Brunch & Bitch: Dallas Edition”. It’s basically going to hopefully be a monthly event where we all get together, catch up over brunch, and let it all out — the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between. Because I’ve been in Dallas the longest, apparently I’m now the guru on places to brunch at and I have zero regrets about this title.

Anyway, I wanted to check out a new part of town and try a new spot in hopes of finding a favourite I could potentially frequent & recommend. Oh boy did i. The Pink Magnolia is in the Bishop Arts district, which happens to be about 5-10 minutes away from the school I teach at, which is even better. It’s a super cute spot that has awesome decor and apparently the head chef is considered a “naughty chef” since she incorporates butter and more into her dishes that other chefs wouldn’t consider or even touch.

I got the Smoked Salmon Waffle Benedict with some coffee and friends got nacho fries. Everything looked delicious and the neighbourhood is part old-school charming part when does gentrification begin and I’m hoping this spot sticks around because I definitely want to go back.

The staff was friendly, parking could potentially be a mess if you get there after the church crowd, and it is an incredibly walkable part of town. If you’re in town, I’d defintely recommend checking out Bishop Arts and stopping for a bite at Pink MAgnolia!

plus, there’s a wall with a giant pink spoon on it so clearly, #decorgoals, duh.

One thought on “Pink Magnolia Brunch

  1. Dana,

    Look at you – the expert! I want to go, it sounds sublime. You really could be a critic.

    As always, love your posts, and glad you are having outings with your fellow grad students..

    Take care Miss Z….

    Love, Amah >


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