Mike Shinoda’s new music

As I’m sure as most of you have heard, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park fame died by suicide last July. And to be honest, I’m not quite over it. read more why his death hit me so hard here. If you were at any point an angsty teenager in the early to mid-2000’s, you probably listened to Linkin Park to drown out the pain or to scream every word in your childhood bedroom. Or at least, have music sympathize with what you were feeling. At least, that’s why I listened to them in the beginning and why I still listen to them every so often now.

Anyway, Mike Shinoda — a member of Linkin Park & a dear friend of Bennington — released an EP a few months ago & is planning on going on tour. The EP is called Post Traumatic EP, it’s three songs long, and it’s emotional. Shinoda was the rapper for Linkin Park & Fort Minor and the guy is crazy talented. He’s fantastic and I’ve definitely loved how open and honest he’s been about the grieving process of losing a loved one, especially to suicide. Linkin Park and Shinoda have been very vocal about reaching out to loved ones to check in on their mental health, to let them know they’re loved, needed, and appreciated. Because let’s be honest, watching someone you deeply care about struggle with something as important as their brain is beyond difficult and it’s hard to find the right words to say, or even words at all.

Anyway, this EP is fantastic. He’s releasing a longer album in June by the same name and I think my favourite song off the EP is “A Place To Start”, mostly because it has voicemails from Chester himself and it’s beautiful. To me at least, it seems like the song is about dealing with grieving Bennington’s death and it’s a great way to memorialize him in a respectful way. Shinoda hasn’t shied away from how important Bennington & Linkin Park were to so many people and he really wants to continue that legacy for people struggling with depression, anxiety, and more.

There’s also a song called “Over Again” that dives deeper into the initial reaction to his death and the show they did in his honour at the Hollywood Bowl. I so wish I could have been, I heard it was a stunning show. But anyway.

I cannot wait to listen to Mike Shinoda’s new album once it comes out. If it’s anything like this EP, it’s going to raw, honest, and fantastic. I’ll have to see if he’s coming to Dallas anytime soon as well.

As always, if you’re struggling, please for the love of all things holy, reach out to somebody. I know it’s hard, feels humiliating, and beyond awkward. It’ll be rough but you are so worth the work. You are so needed, loved, and valued — I promise with every fiber of my being. The light will flicker, turn off at times, and not be bright enough when you need it most but I promise that with work, help, and more, you will get through this. You will be stronger and better. Mental health is a continual journey and there is no shame in asking for help. If you need resources, please consider reaching out to The Trevor Project, RAINN, or The National Suicide Hotline. All of them are free, confidential, and even offer text-based help if you are unable to make a phone call. 

Please reach out to your loved ones, let them know you care and you love them. We all need reminders sometimes. 

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