Bondadoso Coffee & Tea Collective

Okay, so I found this place on Yelp because I wanted to try a new spot near my parents’ place. And this place is fantastic. It’s a cute little shop area when you first walk in AND THERE’S BOARD GAMES WITH A GIANT WALL OF QUOTES AND RECLAIMED WOOD TABLES. Can you tell that I’m really excited to be home?

But I love this spot already. Their lattes are strong and delicious. And the whole atmosphere/theme is that quote by Wendy Mass, “be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you do not know”. I really feel like that quote is applicable for so many different reasons, especially in today’s climate, both politically & socially.

Speaking of which, these past couple months have been hard and emotional and confusing. My mental health has taken a dive, I’ve been stressed out my brain, and I’ve been taking it out in all the wrong places & in all the wrong ways. I started therapy the other week and I’m home for a few days for a dear friend’s bridal shower. So when I stumbled across this place, it just felt like a sign, like the universe was trying to remind me that it’s going to get better, that I’m going to have to put in more work into the next year than I ever have before, and I’m absolutely terrified. But if I wasn’t, I don’t think I would be taking it seriously. So sitting in this coffee shop, even though it’s super hipster and whoo whoo and cheesy, I honestly do think I needed to come in here for some reason or another.

But this place has reinvigorated something. Yeah, this coffee shop is trying a little hard to push being kind to everyone and reminding us that people are often fighting a battle the outside world has no insight into. It’s still a really refreshing take and seems to bring back to what coffee shops are supposed to do — bring the people together to discuss, to motivate, and to change for the better. It’s a fresh perspective. Afterall, their wifi is called “bekindtoday”. I really do think we could all use that reminder most days. Especially in regards to ourselves.




2 thoughts on “Bondadoso Coffee & Tea Collective

  1. Dear Dana,

    I love reading your posts, because in many ways, I feel that I get to know you better by reading them, more than, our conversations sometimes. It seems as if you let your real self and your thoughts enter these blogs . The person I get to know better is one I really admire…I hope you know that. The coffee shop sounds divine. I hope to go there sometime when I am visiting your parents…I hope your visit was a good one, and I really look forward to chatting with you soon.

    Best wishes for a safe and uneventful journey home.

    With much love,

    Amah >


    1. Amah, you mean the world to me. I’ve always been so much better at writing things out than talking about it — it weirdly, selfishly helps me process. And you need to go to this spot! it’s fantastic and I really think you’d love it


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