6 Bands I Keep Coming Back To

So over the years, as I’m sure is pretty apparent by now, I’ve developed a pretty eclectic taste in music. I literally listen to everything from Tchaikovsky to Lil Jon & The East Side Boys to System of a Down and everything in between. But there are a few bands over the years that I keep coming back to, no matter what kind of day I’m having.

  1. Linkin Park — I know, I know. I’m tiny, adorable, and a blonde chick. But for better or for worse, Linkin Park is my go to. I know they’re super angsty but when I was in a really dark time, I listened to them on repeat and they really helped me through. Linkin Park and the suicide of Chester Bennington, their lead singer, have also helped me navigate discussing my own mental health with loved ones. Favourite Songs: either Heavy, Bleed It Out, or In The End
  2. Britney Spears — With Britney’s breakdown in 2007, I distinctly remember thinking “Thank God.” It strangely made me fall in love with her, her story, and her music even more. She really opened the doors to discussing mental health, the toll it can take, and how we really need to take it more seriously than we do. Favourite Song: Toxic
  3. Mat Kearney – Happy, sad,  gnarly breakup, whatever. I love Mat Kearney and his music is always so whimsical with a side of emotion. I recently saw him live and fell even more in love with his music. HE’S SO GOOD. Favourite songs: Hey Mama & Count on Me
  4. Kesha — I remember listening to Ke$ha in college before we’d go to fraternity get togethers or were having a girls night in my sorority house. And I remember thinking — holy wow, she’s ballsy. I loved it. You knew it wasn’t going to change the world but it made you feel good. Then there was the whole awful debacle with Dr. Luke where she accused him of sexual assault (according to the reported facts & PHOTOS, the guy sounds like a monster) and I related to her even more. She’s finally come out with new music and she’s going on tour this summer with another great musician, Macklemore. And I am flabbergasted by her new album. It’s beautiful, heartwrenching, and fantastic. I am so excited for her. Favourite Songs: Tik Tok & Praying
  5. Tupac — Nevermind the fact that I wrote a few papers on his music in high school & college, or that we have the same birthday, or that I just finished the series about his & Biggie’s murders, but Tupac is the first rapper I really got into. So I love it mostly for the nostalgia factor. But the man was crazy talented with a mission and it’s gut-wrenching that even 20 years later, they still haven’t solved his murder & that another talented person passed too soon. #bringontheconspiracytheories Favourite songs: Keep Ya Head Up
  6. Van Morrison — Specifically, the Days Like This album. I go more into depth into why I love this album so much here. But I love this album. It brings me home, grounds me, and reminds me that family is really all that matters. No matter if it’s bound by love, blood, or a little bit of both. Favourite Song: Russian Roulette 

If it isn’t evident, I would create a playlist of only these artists and strand myself on a deserted island with only that playlist. Granted I also had lots of sunscreen, food, and maybe a margarita. But ya know, priorities.

What are some of your favourite albums that you’ll always have on repeat?!

One thought on “6 Bands I Keep Coming Back To

  1. Hi Dana,

    Fun to hear your favorite bands…not surprisingly the only one we share is Van Morrison I love his music. Some of my all time favorite artists are Dire Straits and The Eagles. Those are the ones which go way back (oh and Chet Atkins). Newer artists are Enya and Diana Krall…

    Thanks for helping me think about music, it was fun!

    With love, Amah >


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