The Financial Diet: A Total Beginner’s Guide to Getting Good with Money by Chelsea Fagan

First off, I finished this book in just under two hours or so. Partly because it’s under 200 pages & comes with some pictures but mostly because it’s FASCINATING. And crucial information. I feel like people, especially people in my millennial generation, don’t talk enough about money, finance, and investing — even though we want to take on the wage gap and actually have equal pay. But how can we actually be better with our money if we don’t how to talk about it, let alone understand it?

This book is seriously a beginner’s guide but it isn’t condescending — which is SUCH a sigh of relief with the subject matter. The book is broken into realistic chapters about the obvious topics like budgeting, differences in investment options, and paying off debt but what I really liked about this book is that it also has some great ideas about how to incorporate food, love, and wish items into your budget as well. The latter options, I firmly don’t think, aren’t often things we think about how to budget for. We see commas in our bank account and we automatically think we can afford that cute new sofa or an expensive night out but can we? and how can we prepare for that kind of stuff?


The Financial Diet is based off a Tumblr blog by Chelsea Fagan, who’s also written for Cosmo, Thought Catalog, and more. SHe goes into her background about being terrible with money, how she got back on track, and how to make it work for you & your goals. This book is full of anecdotes and interviews that don’t make you feel like dirt for not understanding the power of money.

If it isn’t obvious yet, I love this book. It’s got great quips, illustrations, and inspiration as well. I love it. And I’m probably going to read it a few more times as well this week to really get all the info down pact. Plus, the layout of this book is just plain adorable.

Favourite Quotes: We’re more comfortable talking about anal sex than we are about money. 

If you’re going to have to work, you might as well do it right. 



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