Ready Player One

So I honestly am not sure if I’ve read this book or not but my boyfriend & I saw this book the other week. He’s read the book and absolutely loved it so we had an impromptu date night and saw this in theatres. We originally wanted to see it in IMAX because #goals but the theatre we had didn’t have that option, unfortunately.

Anyway, the movie was sappy, adorable, and well done. It’s set in the year 2045ish and follows the protagonist, Wade Watts, as he and his fellow people basically forget their real lives and live in a virtual world where they can be anybody. Nobody really lives in the real world anymore because it’s a sad state of affairs and as we all know currently, things are easier when you can forget your problems and be somebody else for a while. It’s addicting, frankly.

But in this online world, the creator of this viral online world — who apparently has become some sort of god — dies unexpectedly. Without anyone to really hand over the reigns of his company, he creates a seemingly impossible contest to figure out who’ll become the next CEO/owner. Some people, like Wade, get super into the contest because they want to change the world, and other people want to own it to seemingly control the world for better or worse — emphasis on the latter.

The movie follows Wade and a group of his friends as they try to win the contest and take on an evil corporation. The real-life parallels in the movie are eerie at times but it’s really well done. I’m not sure how it compares to the book but I’m sure there were parts that were either embellished or left out for the sake of creativity and movie feel goods. But it is really good and as with any post-apocalyptic takes on society, it makes you think just how much you rely on technology and neglect your real life relationships.

So in the spirit of this movie, take a minute and get offline. Call somebody you haven’t in a while and remind people that you’re an actual human being. It just might surprise you how much an honest connection can do for your soul.

Any other movies I should be seeing?!

2 thoughts on “Ready Player One

  1. Hi Dana,

    That was a fun review….I also enjoyed the review of the Ng book, because I had been wondering about it. Your review helped me to understand what it was all about.

    Whoo, I have read so many books lately (since I have been retired) and one that I must say that I should have read by now (but hadn’t) was “Howard’s End”by E.M. Forster. Wow, what a book (and what an author). I have read “Maurice” by him but never this one.

    Anyway, my book tip of the day.





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