Super Troopers 2

So unpopular opinion — I haven’t seen the first Super Troopers from start to finish when it wasn’t on TV and the parts I’ve seen…I wasn’t really all that impressed by. I know, I know, Super Troopers is a right of passage and based on other movies I love, I really should find it absolutely hilarious. But maybe I’ll rent it, watch it all the way thru, and change my mind. Anyway, moving on.

My boyfriend loves Super Troopers — I’m fairly certain it’s one of his favourite movies. So when I heard Super Troopers 2 was coming out on 4/20, I knew we’d have to see it together. The lady scanning our tickets told us to stay all the way thru the credits and that it’d be worth it. Spoiler alert — it totally is by the way, even if credits are annoying to sit thru sometimes. But more importantly, this movie is HILARIOUS. It was also completely funded by an Indiegogo campaign.

If you’re not familiar with Indiegogo or any other crowdfunding site, basically about a year or two ago, somebody launched a campaign to bring a Super Troopers sequel to the big screen and asked for donations. If you donate a certain amount, you can also get perks. Like if you donated 12.5k, you got a producer credit. There are smaller levels too, of course, but obviously the more you donate, the better the potential perks.

This movie basically picks up a little bit after the first one ends. The original cast no longer work for the local Vermont police force but are working construction. Their former supervisor invites them on a ‘fishing trip’ to Canada, but in all actuality, they’re trying to bridge gaps between a small Canadian town and Vermont locals because apparently the border was going to change and this town was going to go from being Canadian to being American. Talk about a potential lifestyle change.

There’s drugs, sex, Rob Lowe, and a whole lot of raunchy humour. It probably won’t win any awards but it’ll make you laugh and realize that friends can get you thru a lot and so can humour. Also, rumour has it, this movie angered some Canadians because there are A LOT of stereotypes throughout the movie about Canada that are portrayed. But for the most part, it isn’t anything too terrible. And it is Super Troopers so take everything with a grain of salt.

But if you’re into ridiculous movies or were a fan of the original Super Troopers, see this. It’s worth seeing in theatres.


One thought on “Super Troopers 2

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