Allison Day ‘Whole Bowls’

So I purchased this book off Amazon when I wasn’t in the best state of mind about six months ago and it’s been one of the best things I’ve purchased yet. I love it but don’t use it nearly as much as I should anymore. Which I know sounds weird coming after saying it’s the best thing I’ve purchased. It’s an amazing source of information, inspiration, and beauty as far as cookbooks go.

Allison Day also runs a blog called Yummy Beet and she’s actually adorable. She lives in the old country, or England for normal people. Her recipes are all seasonal, fresh, and delicious. Most of them are vegetarian and gluten free plus you can find dairy free and other dietary restriction inspiration as well!

I bought Allison Day’s book, Whole Bowls, while I was going thru a serious phase of making Buddha Bowls weekly and needed to change it up because the boy was tired of the same old same old. But hey, what can I say? Once I find something I like and am actually semi-decent at making, it goes into my rotation hard. But anyway. This book, man. It’s great.

Fair warning, though, this book is entirely vegetarian (if not vegan in some recipes) and gluten-free. So if you have either of those dietary restrictions, this book is PRIME for you. But if you like a little meat in your bowls every so often like I do and Rob demands, it can be a little interesting incorporating animal protein. But in spirit of the book, I often do try & buy local, organic meat where I have a good feeling that the animals had some friends & outdoor time before…ya know. #portlandiaanyone?

My favourite recipes so far out of the book are probably the Peanut Tofu Curry, which I used chicken instead of tofu, and the Broccoli Orzo, which is an awesome side or a light lunch! The only thing I’d say about the Peanut Curry is that I wish the sauce was a little thicker but I still need to play around with it for my liking. I hear that’s what the real cooks do in the kitchen — or have I been watching too much of The Food Network while starving again? Poor decisions right there, am I right?

Plus, the recipes I’ve made from this cookbook are so FILLING. Which for anyone like me who gets starving an hour or two after eating, this is crucial. I’m going to try a few more of these recipes next week once I’m done studying for a grad school admissions test and am far less stressed. The one pictured above is the Peanut Curry and it’s great — just would like the sauce to just be a smidge thicker for my own tastes.

Anyway, I’m in this phase of really listening to my body and trying to feed it not only appropriately but nourishingly as well. Because as stated previously, I get stressed easily. And if you know me in real life, you know I’ve had a seriously long road of not knowing how to treat myself well and going full speed ahead in the other direction. So this cookbook has been a fantastic source of inspiration when I want to tap into my inner whoo whoo side and channel my FAVOURITE health coach, who still helps me get back on track.

So pick this book up if you also want to channel your inner foodie and have inspiration for Meatless Monday that not only are picture ready for Instagram but are also incredibly healthy and delicious as well.


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