Mat Kearney, Andrew Belle, and filous

At this point, I really should either live at or be sponsored by House of Blues. I’ve gone to 2-3 concerts there already this year and was supposed to go to a couple others but life happened and I couldn’t. Anyway, when I heard that Mat Kearney was coming into town, I knew I needed to go.

Mat Kearney is by far one of my favourite musicians and one that i can listen to over & over again without ever getting tired of his music. And I’d always heard that he was fantastic live. But man, that was an understatement.

The two opening acts were….interesting to say the least. At least the first one, filous, was. He was almost like a DJ but he wasn’t live mixing on stage (according to my boyfriend at least, who knows more about that than I do) and his vibe wasn’t up my alley. But during his set, we started getting to know a couple people standing next to us and we both wondered if his sweatshirt was sponsored by a Macklemore thrift shop or his grandparents’ closet. ANd at one point in his set, he looked like he was playing an instrument that looked like a surge protector. I kid you not. But he was fun and definitely was loving his time on stage. So kudos to him for doing what he clearly so enjoys and loves.

Andrew Belle, the second act, was awesome. He really engaged with the crowd and had some really awesome music in his set. Plus, I got to meet him before Mat Kearney went on and he’s the absolute sweetest. Plus, he gave away his newest record but didn’t want to chuck it out to the crowd so he tried to be fair about it and randomly choose someone who just signed up for his email list. Unfortunately, I did not get to bring it home but at least he tried to be a little fair about it.

And onto the main show. Mat Kearney is by far one of the best shows I’ve seen to date. He opened up the show with one of my favourite songs “Hey Mama” and I think I mildly embarrassed my boyfriend by dancing obnoxiously and singing every word. But it was such a good show. He really engaged with the audience, at one point even came down into the audience and sang with some members of the audience and brought up a kid who couldn’t have been more than 9 or 10 up on stage with him. I haven’t seen a musician be that engaged with his fan base in a really long time and it was a reminder why I love supporting indie and local music. It’s almost more fun and they almost always put on better shows, in my experience.

There was one song that made me tear up, though, as it always does and it’s called “Count on me”. Most people who know me in real life know that I mama bear like it’s nobody’s business. And this song always reminds me that I have people I can count on too when I’m struggling. No shame in that game, amirite?

Anyway, if you haven’t read my last post, you should — it’s about research that going to live music shows regularly can actually increase your lifespan. There goes my bank account…

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