Apparently Concerts Help You Live Longer

You know you have the best friends when they tag you in the comment section of an article claiming that concerts help you live longer. Because, let’s be real here with ourselves, we all had a feeling that was true. But I’m so glad there’s now officially evidence to back it up.

According to this article, researchers specializing in behavioural science the UK found that attending live shows can increase your life expectancy up to nine freaking years. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? And I have to hold myself from buying all the concert tickets because who doesn’t want to live longer by doing something as pure & fun as going to see live music?

You can read more about the research here but in short, apparently going to live music shows regularly can help increase your life expectancy. They also found that concerts increase your wellbeing by up to 20%. Compare that to 7% for walking your dog and 10% for dog walking. That’s pretty awesome.

They apparently conducted this research to study the correlation of live music on the body & mind. Their key markers in the study showed increases in self-worth, closeness with others, and mental stimulation — all with significant increases — thru heart rate tests and psychometric tests. Mental stimulation alone showed an increase of 75% while attending shows. The study goes on to reveal that if you attend a show every two weeks or so, it’s got amazing benefits on your mental health and well being. No wonder I feel such a healthy high after a show for a few days afterward. Anyone else too?

If there are more studies out there looking to corroborate this evidence, please consider this my application. Hell, I’ll even pay for the concert tickets myself — I just want to further this research and extend my life by already doing something I love doing. Call me crazy but I’d sign up for that research study. Wouldn’t you?


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