The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson

So I first heard about this book on The Skinny Confidential Podcast, instantly knew I needed to read Mark Manson’s book, and then somehow forgot about it until a few months ago. When it popped up in an article I was reading. And was reminded that while I still thought he was somehow connected to that infamous serial killer, I still needed to pick this book up and read it for myself. The whole premise of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck just seemed so different than any other self-help book I’d heard of or read before. SO naturally, I picked it up with Christmas money and I couldn’t put it down. Probably because this book came into my life precisely when I needed it the most. After all, I have a tendency to care too much and try not hard enough. But I’m working on it.

This book is full of hard to swallow truths and a lot of f-bombs. But that’s honestly probably why I loved it so much. ANd earmarked next to 80% of the entire book. Not even ashamed in the slightest. Apparently, Mark Manson runs a blog that I need to start reading and his sarcastic, witty, honest banter somehow doesn’t come across as completely condescending. And that might just be what makes it such a refreshing take on the self-help genre game.

I started reading this book when I was in a serious rut and needed some fresh outside perspective. This book was hard to swallow at times but I really think it can be a helpful force in helping you switch your thinking and mindset. Because it actually makes you sit down with yourself. And figure out how you can start caring less about the BS and more about what actually matters. Whatever that looks like to you.

This book is to the point, full of funny anecdotes, and hard-hitting truths. It won’t make you feel completely incompetent for not having your life together and it will hopefully inspire you to change how you think about your life. After all, I hardly ear mark books anymore and I’m pretty sure more pages than not are folded over and highlighted. Good thing I bought this book and didn’t get it from the library. Sorry Mom.

Favourite quote: YOu are already great because in the face of endless confusion and certain death, you continue to choose what to give a fuck about and what not to. This mere fact, this simple optioning for your own values in life, already makes you beautiful, already makes you successful, and already makes you loved. Even if you don’t realize it.

Honourable mention: This, in a nutshell, is what “self-improvement” is really about: prioritizing better values, choosing better things to give a fuck about. Because when you give better fucks, you get better problems. And when you get better problems, you get a better life. 


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