Mainland & The Mowglis

So I bought tickets to see the Mowglis here in Dallas a few months ago because I met the drummer at camp a few years ago and apparently his band is now wildly popular. Which, obvs, if you went to Idyllwild and you’re in a band — of course it’s going to be wildly popular. Because, duh. Anyway, they played the Cambridge Room at the House of Blues and I’m mildly obsessed with it. It’s not the main hall so it’s a little bit more intimate and you really feel like you can connect with the band. Is that just me who gets that feeling at a smallish venue? Kay, kay.

Doors opened around 7 and they were still running sound check when we got there but my boyfriend & I bonded with a couple people there. I feel like people at concerts are always super chill for the most part and it’s fun to just meet people, even if you probably will never see them again.

The opening act was a band from New York City called Mainland and they were fun. Did a cover of that infamous Clash song everyone mostly just knows the chorus to and sings incredibly loudly. But they were fun and after their set, they came out and hung out in the crowd — which I’m always such a fan of when bands do that.

When the Mowglis came out, the entire mood shifted. It was really fantastic to see  how much they engaged with the crowd and made it a really interactive show. Their set list was FANTASTIC and even came out for an encore with their big hit ‘San Francisco’ which y’all know got me stoked.

Even though it’s a chain venue and sometimes ridiculous, i really do love going to shows at the house of blues. #notsponsored #notanad. Mostly because you can get dinner there beforehand, sometimes even get in a little early if you do, and there always seems to be really great music across a variety of genres. It caters to the masses, sure, but it gets the job done. ANd I love how each HOB has a different vibe to it as well.

As always, support your local music. Support your friends’ art. Because it’s really so much fun to see them succeed and do something they love while being appreciated for it.


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