Cultivar Coffee

So honestly, I yelped this place because I didn’t want to make the trek into Dallas and I wanted a reason to hang out in the Bishop Arts district. I feel like it’s the one part of Dallas I hardly ever go into, not because I haven’t heard great things or because it’s terrifying. But because I haven’t really found a spot I wanted to frequent or one that sounded legit. Cultivar sounded fun and an out of the norm spot for me so I figured “f*ck it, let’s do it”

Another barista told me about this place and he was fantastic so I had a feeling this place would at least be fun and have good quality coffee. The only thing I’m not really feeling is that the wifi isn’t the strongest and at least this part of Bishop Arts seems to be on the cusp of being gentrified. And people don’t seem to bus their own drinks or clear their own tables here — which, to me, is just plain rude. But that’s a tangent for another day.


What is really fun about this place is that they have some really fun art on the walls. Like a fun mural of whom I’m assuming is a coffee roaster or at least, a coffee bean farmer. Maybe it’s the family I grew up with or the friends I surrounded myself with but I’m always a serious fan of supporting local art. Whether it’s picking up pieces from random stores during my travels or helping a friend out at their art show — there’s something just so unique and fun about local art. So when businesses in my area support them, it makes my tiny little heart so inexplicably happy.

But anyway, this place is pretty decent for working. They’ve got a lot of outlets, decent wifi, and strong coffee. Plus, their food items look delightful! I haven’t decided if I’ll be back yet but it just might be a contender if I’m in the area. I’d be willing to give it another shot if I was meeting a friend for coffee or needed to switch up my routine again.


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