Blue Bottle Coffee

I love San Francisco. It’s by far one of my favourite cities and one of the few where I immediately feel at home. If I could pick up and move anywhere right now money no option, it would most likely be to San Francisco. After all, there’s a reason so many people leave their hearts there. It’s home. Sure, SF has its issues but it has so many more perks and wonderful quirks.

Anyway, my mom and I spent the day in the city getting lunch and stopping by the ferry building. There’s this awesome chain coffee shop local to the bay area called Blue Bottle Coffee and it’s adorable. As the name suggests, their logo is a blue bottle. Their coffee is simple yet strong. I’ve yet to try any of their fancier drinks but from what I’ve heard, they’re just as brilliant.

What I think the thing I like most about Blue Bottle is that each store I’ve been into so far is aesthetically pleasing and reminds you of that Danish way of life known as hygge or for lack of better wording, being freakishly cozy and comfortable.

I actually got my boyfriend some of their Three Africas beans for Valentines Day so that we can finally get rid of the Starbucks beans we have. Because I don’t know about you but I just can’t get behind Starbucks coffee itself. I love the company and what it stands for and how they even offer their part-time workers health care and time off but their coffee stopped agreeing with me a few years ago. And secretly, it always makes me a little sad. But more reason to venture out and try local, independent coffee shops –right?

If you’re in a place where there’s Blue Bottle, check it out. Support local, independent coffee shops in hopes that maybe one day, they’ll become just as big as Starbucks, if not more so.

You can find their locations here. Their cups are so fun!


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