Capital One Café

So I’m in Walnut Creek, a place I haven’t been to for more than 20 minutes since I was 19, and I’m sitting in a coffee shop that partners with Capital One. I love these kinds of coffee shops because they also give you money counseling too. Which in today’s day & age, is a fantastic idea. Especially for millennials and how confusing credit cards can really be.

Anyway, so I got my matcha latte on the house and did a shot of espresso with vanilla & almond milk with the barista (btw, that was DELICIOUS). And this was all because I mentioned that it’d been a rough few days and said it was about time I treated myself. I might have used an expletive, gaining a high five and heck yes from the baristas but that’s neither here nor there. It’s funny how when you put vibes into the universe that you need a day brightener, it often pays you back 10 fold.


Plus, apparently Feb 12 was national biscotti day and they had free biscotti made by an Italian down the street. They were so good! Even some Italian tourists who happened to be in town said it was great. So you know it’s good if it legitimately impresses somebody who knows what they’re talking about.

Anyway, I love this cafe. I’m so glad I stopped in. The baristas, especially the really energetic one, are phenomenal. The Capital One reps in the front are super friendly too. Plus, I was here around 945AM — a time when usually a lot of quality tables have already filled up. And there was still plenty of room & empty tables to work out — some even near outlets too! WHich you know are hard to come by without tripping over 8 people at most coffee shops.

If you’re in the east bay, definitely check this place out. Especially if you have a capital one card or need any form of financial advice. It’s cute, and plus, it’s right by most of the quality Walnut Creek shopping area. And ask for Brandon — tell him Dana sent you, the one with the espresso shot!

Also, Peet’s is way better than Starbucks.

2 thoughts on “Capital One Café

  1. Hi Dana,

    Sounds like a great place to write and study….I will have to stop by next time I visit your parents.

    Hope all is going well there….take good care,


    Amah >


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