Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

So I’m back home in the Bay Area of California for a few days and boy, let me tell you. This has been needed for a variety of reasons. It’s just really good to be home, surrounded by the first dog you adopted and family. It’s perfect. But moving on.

I quite literally finished this book in a day. It’s deep, poignant, and grabs you by the throat. It’s about a family in Ohio during the late 1970’s — one parent is Asian and the other is white. They both have their demons they’re trying to disguise and run away from but as most demons do, they manifest in ways that make you deal with them head-on, sooner or later.

Anyway, so they have three kids — Heather, Lydia, and Nathan (or Nath). In the beginning of the book, Lydia ends up missing, only later to be found dead at the bottom of the local lake. And Everything I Never Told You follows the family not only coming to terms with losing a child and sibling but also trying to figure out who’s to blame for her death.


Throughout the book, you soon are able to figure out who killed Lydia while family secrets are exposed for better or for worse. Celeste Ng brings out just how much families can hide from each other, whether intentional or not, and how it can destroy them. But with demons, they make you face them eventually. You just hope that you’re able to come out in the end for the better.

Read this book. It’ll pull on strings you never thought existed. And as with most books I read now, it’ll make you think. Hug your family, tell them you love them, and hold them close. And remember, your demons don’t always need to stay.



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