‘You Broke Up With Me’ by Walker Hayes

First off, let me just start off by saying, no, Rob and I have not broken up. We’re still together, living the dream in an adorable house in the Dallas suburbs. But I still love this song, even though it’s totally about a breakup, getting dumped, and proceeding to live your best life.

I first heard this song on the radio. I think living in Texas is making me a country fan — weird. And something I thought would never happen. Anyway. I love this song because it’s basically a giant ‘f– you’ to your ex after they break up with you and weirdly want to get back together. I’m sure we’ve all been there when an ex significant other comes crawling back after they realize they made a terrible mistake and you’re off way better than before.

This song is just fun. It’s quirky and I feel like we never get the dude’s perspective after they get broken up with that isn’t drenched in strip clubs and blacked out nights. The video is adorable and if I were single, I’d probably be crushing on this singer. Sorry babe.

The singer is Walker Hayes and this is the first song I’ve heard by him. His voice is great and the lyrics of this song are totally relatable.

Stream this song or heck, buy it if you can. It’ll help you heal and move on, I promise. Listen to it on Youtube here. Just remember – support your local musicians. Not everybody has made it yet and people have bills to pay.

Favourite lyrics: I ain’t even fixin’ to listen to your guilt trippin’/You’re forgettin’ girl you made your bed and didn’t want me in it 

don’t even act like I’m doing something wrong/If my song comes on and I get lost on that dance floor/In somebody’s arms that aren’t yours

One thought on “‘You Broke Up With Me’ by Walker Hayes

  1. Well, that was fun! And, yes, he is appealing, I must say (good taste, Dana). Very clever of you to be able to put that link into your blog, which brings up the question, how do musicians make money nowadays? Another enigma of the technological age.

    Hope you are enjoying Northern California…take good care.


    Amah >


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