Hands + Rose Coffee

So first of all, this place is in a church lobby. Which completely threw me off guard at first when a kid no more than 5 or 6 asked if I was going to class that morning — which I can only imagine meant some form of Bible Study class or maybe an actual service. But the kid was adorable and his father was sweet. Don’t get me wrong — if you go to church, that’s awesome! I just haven’t been to a service that wasn’t a part of a wedding or a funeral in close to a decade, and I’ve never heard of an actual coffee shop in God’s house before. Dozens of cups of caffeine during service, sure, but an actual coffee house? Not so much.

Plus this house of worship doesn’t look like the quintessential Texas church. (I’m assuming this is a church — or at least some denomination of Christianity as there are a few people coming in and out with shirts that say “Praise Jesus” or something similar.) But Hands + Rose is small, quaint, & tucked away in the Design District of Dallas. It’s cute. But back to my lifeblood. Caffeine. Hands + Rose is adorable. The decor is precious and I’m pretty sure there are actual crystals hanging from the ceiling. Which is pretty cool and tugs on my hipster heartstrings. I’m not entirely sure if the coffee shop is affiliated with the church it’s in the lobby of but it’s a pretty cool concept if you think about it.


The coffee is decent, the baristas are friendly, and it seems to be a hidden gem that just might take off. But you have to be comfortable being in the same building as the house of God. Plus, there’s not much room to work so if it gets busy, I can only imagine it’s chock full of The Gospel and busier after services end on Sundays. Anyway, the menu is super cute and they even have kombucha on tap! Plus, I’m fairly certain their tables are made of reclaimed wood and the chairs mix well with an industrial vibe meets cozy.

I’d recommend stopping into this place for a quick cup if you’re about to take a look at the shops in the Design District and want something a little bit more quaint than Ascension or one of the other larger coffee houses nearby. Maybe, though, this is the perfect place for you if you’re looking for a new church and a great cup of coffee. The people seem friendly and it’s a cool concept to have an actual coffee shop on site.

So, check it out if you’re in the area, want a quick cup, or if you’re looking for a new church! More info on hands+rose can be found here and I guess the church is called UpperRoom — learn more here.


One thought on “Hands + Rose Coffee

  1. Hi Dana,

    Love your style – breezy and fun – and love the information you give to your followers. It makes me want to come to Dallas to check it all out…who knows,maybe that will happen again one day.

    Lots of love to you,

    Amah >

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