Save Tonight by Calvi & Yoni Preston

First of all, anyone who knows me in real life knows that I basically live for 90’s music. It’s my childhood wrapped up with some early 2000’s pop and whenever it comes on, I just have to dance. Like, literally have to. So whenever there’s a cover that comes on the radio of one of my go to 90’s songs, it stings a little bit. I never feel like it’s quite as good as the original — but is anything really as good? Except if you’re editing, then screw that first draft.

Anyway, I’m sure we’ve all heard the song ‘Save Tonight’ by Eagle Eye Cherry. It goes something like they want you to fight the break of dawn and that tomorrow comes to take you away. It’s cheesy, has a super 90’s beat, and it’s wonderful. So when I opened Spotify this morning to work on a project, I was surprised when this cover by Calvi & Yoni Preston came on my ‘Discover Weekly’. I thought I’d hate it. But turns out, I’ve already listened to it three times in a row and I think I might do a round four later.

What I think I like most about this song is that it makes a modern version of this 90’s classic while still paying homage to that tacky 90’s beat we all know and love with that decade of music. This version of ‘Save Tonight’ is delightful, and easy to listen to. It definitely made me want to check out these new artists and see if any of their other music lived up to the hype of this one! Check their music out wherever you can stream music, legally. And please remember to support your local artists! Buy tickets to their show, buy their music, and be their hype man if you need to. Our favourite big name artists all start somewhere and let’s continue the next generation of awesome music we can actually understand.

Favourite lyric (still): There’s a log on the fire/And it burns like me for you/Tomorrow comes with one desire


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