The Rules Do Not Apply by Ariel Levy

With a rough start, I finished this book basically in a day, in mere hours actually. We’ve been moving so didn’t really get started on this book until last night and then I devoured it like it wasn’t anybody’s business. The Rules Do Not Apply by Ariel Levy is heartbreakingly honest and it’s just what everybody needs to hear/read at least once in their lives.

Levy brings us thru a fateful few months where she left for Mongolia financially stable, pregnant, and happily married. But when she returned a month or so later, not one of these things was true any longer. She writes with a  sense of honesty I haven’t encountered before.

She brings us thru her wife’s addiction, how and why she made the decision to ultimately leave — even after cheating on her partner multiple times — and why it took this almost downfall to realize that nothing is ever really promised in this life. That ultimately, we all die, we’re not promised everything in this life, and we surround ourselves with the people who help us see who we are at any given point in our lives.

Levy is hopeful, brilliant, and raw. She’s a certain kind of author I think we’re all looking for but hardly ever find. The Rules Do Not Apply will make you cry horrendously ugly tears at least once and yet, it’ll still leave you hanging on by a string or three. She’s not condescending and she reminds us that at the core of our lives, we’re only human. We will fail and we can get back up again if we choose to.

I think I needed this book more so than I realized. It hit me in the feels with a straight shot of taking an honest look at myself. And it’s sheer wonderment in a book. Please, for the love of all things holy and sacred, please read this book. Pick it up anywhere books are sold.

Favourite Quote: YOu have to be that way when you’re addicted to something. In order to finish your cigarette, you have to cordon off the knowledge that it’s killing you. (And if you are addicted, you will — it won’t even feel like a choice).

Honourable Mention Quote: But in a strange way, I am comforted by the truth. Death comes for us.You may get ten minutes on this earth or you may get eighty years but nobody gets out alive. Accepting this rule gives me a funny flicker of peace. 



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