LDU Coffee

So first off, I’m going to try and post more this year. Because, you know, #goals and what not. But I forgot in recent months just how therapeutic having a creative outlet really is for the psyche. And I’m going to make more of an effort to vlog because a lot of people really seemed to enjoy that — am I wrong? Let me know in the comments!

Anyway, so since moving to the suburbs literally the second week of January, I have to make more of a  conscious effort to come into Dallas and find new coffee shops to try. It’s more of an effort so it feels more like a treat more so than before. I think that’s what I was missing in the 2017 grind of looking for jobs and trying to stay my positive cheery self.

So, bring on Yelp. I literally just yelped this place and the photos looked TO DIE FOR. It’s apparently in an apartment complex which threw me for a loop when I first walked up. But it’s unassuming with a surprising amount of seating, given the location. Parking’s a pain, but isn’t it everywhere? It’s called LDU Coffee, it’s in Lower Greenville — which if you’ve ever been to Dallas, it’s a strange mixture of Deep Ellum hipster and Uptown yuppie. But somehow, it works perfectly.

I just got drip coffee and some warm banana bread. The coffee doesn’t make me feel like I need to run immediately to the restroom (TMI? Sorry family!) and I’m pretty sure the barista who took my order is from Australia originally. The aesthetic here is adorable and cozy — actually perfect for holing up somewhere and working on that project you forgot about until 3 hours before the deadline and you need at least 5 to complete it. You know the one I’m talking about.  Just me? Kay cool.

But back to the decor. After moving so many times, I haven’t really been able to develop my own aesthetic. It was always what was most important to take in the move and did it require nails to hang. But now that I’m settling into my late 20’s (gross), I’ve been gearing towards the industrial cozy with a twist of bohemian and modern. Sounds strange but I’ve been able to make it work so far with random pops of colour and art from wherever I travel. And LDU Coffee basically is lighting goals for me, it’s almost absurd.

I can definitely see myself coming back here to work or even just meet up with a friend to catch up. I’ll have to try some of their other drinks as well. PLUS THERE’S FREE REFILLS ON DRIP COFFEE. Can you say #winning? I definitely am.

So moral of the story? COme here, stay a while, and get super flipping caffeinated. Get stuff done and you won’t regret it.


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