Murray Street Coffee Shop

Holy Jesus. Can you believe it’s already 2018? And basically the middle of January already? It’s mildly disgusting if you ask me. This month hasn’t been going the way I originally anticipated it would but I still have a pretty solid feeling about 2018 in general.

Anyway, I figured while I’m doing some work, I’d check out a new coffee shop in a part of Dallas that I don’t frequent nearly enough. It’s Murray Street Coffee Shop in Deep Ellum — basically the hub of Dallasite wannabe hipsters. The land of quality food, great food, and even better people watching. Bonus points if it’s late at night too.

This place was a little hard to find and is off the main path of Deep Ellum. But it’s cute, quaint, and two stories! I’m in the loft area at a giant table which I’m sure is made of reclaimed wood. This place is cozy, inviting, and warm. Which is even better in this weird cold front Dallas is currently having. It’s 19 degrees and I definitely thought I left subfreezing temperatures when I left Chicago. But clearly, I’m wrong this time.

Murray Street Coffee Shop appears to be in a work loft type of space and the upper level is split into two sections, connected by a FANTASTIC staircase. It’s really cozy up here, and the aesthetic makes me want to plop on the couch and watch the people go by on the street more so than anything else.

Anyway, I’d recommend this place if you need a grab & go coffee for a day of exploring Deep Ellum. But I’m not sure if I’d recommend it to stay and work in. It seems like the type of place since it’s small and is two levels, that would get loud pretty easily with minimal people.  The art on the walls is definitely pretty quality though.




One thought on “Murray Street Coffee Shop

  1. Wow, Dana, that sounds like a really good find! I want to be there with you! 19 degrees? Yi! bundle up, and take good care of yourself…

    Lots of love,

    Amah >


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