Matcha Bar — Silverlake

I am obsessed with the LA neighbourhood, Silverlake. It’s the first neighbourhood I lived in when I moved to LA a few years ago and was sad to move to Hollywood. Like, genuinely sad. Not that Hollywood doesn’t  have its perks. And no, I’m not talking about the Hollywood you see in the movies. But anyway. Moving on,

I met up with my nutritionist/health coach over in Silverlake (hey Stevie) at this matcha place just off Sunset Boulevard, smack dab in the middle of Silverlake. And it made my internal hipster heart a little bit warmer and a little bit more organic.

The place is called MatchaBar and apparently, it started in New York City of all places. This location is not only their first LA storefront but also seemingly their first venture out on the West Coast (best coast!). Their bread & butter is a matcha latte and for those who haven’t heard of matcha before, IT’S AMAZING. Apparently, it’s basically (one of) nature’s energy drink(s). It’s a green tea basically that’s full of anti-oxidants, naturally detoxifies, boosts metabolism, and other added benefits. Plus it’s caffeinated but doesn’t leave you feeling jittery. Like, at all.  One downside-depending on the kind you get, it can taste like grass at first. But I promise, add a little bit of honey and the right kind of milk and you’ll be in love. Promise.

Anyway, MatchaBar has a variety of other drinks too that all have a matcha base, as does most of their food as well. So you’re getting hipstery whoo goodness in a drink that’ll warm you right up and give you so many benefits. Plus, the decor is beyond adorable and the staff, at least the people working when I was there, are super helpful & friendly, even if you have no idea what you’re doing. Lot’s of greens, blues, and cozy colours.

But if you’re near a location, stop in and get some matcha! It’ll change your life a bit. And if you’re looking to jumpstart your fitness and health for 2018, definitely reach out to Stevie and tell her i sent you!

One thought on “Matcha Bar — Silverlake

  1. Hi Dana,

    Fun to read about….I will have to try some! Couldn’t hurt…Fun, also, to spend time with you over Christmas. So glad you are home safely… Happy New Year with love, Amah >


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