Toasted Coffee + Kitchen

So honest tidbit, the only reason I came here to work was because I have to pick up some alterations down the street and it’s in a neighbourhood (knox/henderson and Lower Greenville) I’m lowkey in love with. And I’ve been itching to find a coffee shop nearby so I could have a reason to come that didn’t involve food trucks or late nights that turn into mornings.

Anyway, I found this place on Yelp and I was instantly sold when I scrolled thru the photos. It’s so hipster that their avocado toast has TWO KINDS OF SIRACHA. the only reason I didn’t get it because I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to the green siracha. Which is just a travesty in of itself. Anyway, first I got their lavender latte — which you CAN CHOOSE WHAT COFFEE BEANS GO INTO YOUR LATTE — and the barista recommended the Ethiopian since I was getting a floral syrup. Can you tell this place is super hipster already?

Then I got their drip coffee and I tried their Guatamala coffee. Which isn’t my favourite by default but still pretty quality. I didn’t try any of their food since I wasn’t super hungry but their menu looked amazing. And the decor is basically an industrial hipster’s dream. Exposed brick, no lampshades over the lights, and lots of exposed beams. Super cute yet also weirdly functional. ANd they have a dog-friendly patio. It’s basically my dream of a coffee shop.

Anyway, this place is adorable. I could easily spend all day here if they wouldn’t kick me out and I had an endless supply of money in my bank account. The decor goes together really well, the baristas (at least the one I had) are super friendly, and I love it here. Plus, they have a hodge podge of for here mugs, which just makes my life.


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