Ja Rule & Ashanti

Okay so over the weekend, my boyfriend and I went to The Bomb Factory here in Dallas to mildly relive our childhoods and see Ja Rule & Ashanti live. We were super stoked because their music may not change the world anytime soon but it was always fun to get stoked for an event or pretend you were a BAMF & secretly weren’t.

But dang, did they disappoint. Maybe it was the state of mind I was in that night or the venue or some combination of various factors. But it wasn’t what I was hoping it’d be. A couple friends had mentioned in passing that they weren’t great live but I was hoping that since a couple years had passed and there was that #fryefestival debacle earlier this year that they’d get their act together, literally.

Ashanti & Ja Rule both have new music out and they played a few of their past hits. It was a good time to sway and dance to but it wasn’t the concert high we all seem to chase, if you’re into live music like me at least.

I’m not sure who the opening acts were, as I’d never heard of them, but they definitely didn’t set the stage well for the rest of the show. The hype men were off but the dancers were attractive.

I guess this was a lesson in having realistic expectations early on for concerts. And that they’re not all going to be winners, unfortunately. But it was a good date night and we’ll have a story. Because who knows when the next time they’ll go on tour will be? It was an experience, to say the least.


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