“American You” by Yelawolf

My boyfriend makes fun of my choices in hip-hop because I often refuse to listen to anything in the genre unless it’s Eminem or they’re from the Bay Area. Eminem because he always strikes a chord with me, I can understand it when he raps fast, and he’s wonderful. And The Bay Area because that’s where I grew up, where I first started exploring music, and hip-hop from the Bay always seemed to be honest, genuine, and hard-hitting.

Obviously there are exception – I will get on the dance floor if it’s Ying-Yang Twins or Lil Jon. But the stuff I always come back to is Bay Area hip-hop. This includes but isn’t limited to E-40, Yelawolf, Tupac, and more. I only recently started listening to Yelawolf and his latest single “American You” is FANTASTIC. There’s definitely a lot of swearing but it’s got a beat that makes you want to bob your head, sing along, and you realize that there are a lot of hard working Americans out there that often feel like they’re forggen in today’s society thru no fault of their own.


Plus, the music video isn’t something to miss. I love watching the faces of so many different people with their own troubles, stories, and successes. It’s a fantastic way to see the fabric of this country and how we shouldn’t ever judge a person by how they look or present themselves. This song reminds us all that we’re all struggling in some way. That one person’s story may be different than another but we all still fail, flail around, and try to find the way we should be living that makes sense. that if somebody doesn’t take the time to understand your story, then leave them at the curb.

This song will be on repeat for a while, that’s for sure. Check out the video here! Plus, Travis Barker from Blink-182 plays the drums in the video and I’m obsessed. Carry on.

Favourite Lyric: You make somethin’ out of nothin’, you make money for a livin’/
Pushin’ buttons, stickin’ digits, flippin’ burgers in the kitchen/
With the vision, you’ve been dreamin’, you’ve been savin’/


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