Barcelona Travel Guide

Oh my god guys, I got back from Spain about a week ago now and LET ME TELL YOU, IT WAS AMAZING. My mom and I went as a belated college graduation gift and I already am planning my next trip back. The people there were phenomenal and nothing short of helpful — even with my broken, Gringa spanish! Anyway, we went to Barcelona, San Sebastían, and Bilbao. I’ll do this in a three part series so that it doesn’t get too overbearing with recommendations

Starting with Barcelona, we definitely went at an interesting time. I’m not sure if you’ve heard but there’s a ton of protests happening there due to the region Barcelona is in, Catalunia, wanting to secede from Spain. Or at least have a similar agreement to País Vasco. Anyway, to prevent myself from going down that rabbit hole, I’ll focus on happier things. Like food and accomodations.

We stayed at this cute little hotel called H10 Universitat off La Rambla, a huge promenade of sorts with gelato, alleys, and restaurants, and it was perfect. Our room wasn’t very big nor were our beds but it was a great place to come back to after a long day of walking. And the rooftop views were to die for. So stunning. And I’ve heard it wasn’t even the best view in town. The hotel itself was really centrally located and we were able to get to everything we wanted to see by walking. Plus it’s about a 25minute walk to La Sagrada Familia and great shopping.

It’s an absolute MUST you try the paella in Barcelona, or the seafood in general. I thought i’d had fresh seafood growing up on the west coast but this stuff — hot damn. We got a recommendation from the hotel front desk for some authentic paella that wasn’t overly touristy and they pointed us to a restaurant nearby that for the life of me I can’t remember the name of. BUT IT WAS SO GOOD.

But the absolute highlight of Barcelona, save for the gelato and the people, was by far La Sagrada Familia. It’s a cathedral you can actually attend mass in and it will change your life. It was designed by Antoni Gaudí and there’s still construction being done on hte place to this day, almost a century later. It’s breathtaking to see something that is so based on nature, without more straight lines than necessary, and it will leave you breathless.

I’ve never been all that religious but dang, this place made me want to pray and thank somebody up above. It was magical. If you’re ever in Barcelona, you need to go here. It’s beautiful and I’ve never really seen anything quite like it.

Have you been to Barcelona? What were some of your favourite spots??


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