‘Wanna Be’ by Betty Who

So I just started getting into Betty Who’s music after shazaming one of her songs on the radio (does anyone still listen to the radio? just me? okay cool, cool) and hearing Sophia Bush rave about her. Sidenote: Sophia Bush, from One Tree Hill and general badassery, is life goals. Seriously. Anyway, I’ve listend to ‘Wanna Be’ by Betty Who more than I care to admit and most of her songs on Spotify. Why? Because ‘Wanna Be’ can apply to anybody’s love life complications and the need to be recognized.

This song is a gut shot and really makes you evaluate your craziness in wanting to stalk a crush. Betty Who’s voice is haunting too and you can’t get it out of your head, no matter how hard you try. With this song, for me at least, it was a great representation of wanting somebody you can’t have — whether that person is in a relationship, hooking up with someone else, or just plain emotionally unavailable. We’ve all been there, haven’t we, at least once in our lives? Thought so.

Even if you’re in a great relationship, this song will still remind you of your crazy exes and make you stoked that you’re in a better place now. It’s a reminder that emotions sometimes get the better of us and that my mother was always right, that matters of the heart are always complicated. No matter how much we try to uncomplicate it, the heart has a mind of its own and it’s completely illogical.

It also doesn’t help that this song makes you want to sway during a night of self-care and appreciation. It’s got a beat that makes you want to jam out with a hairbrush as a microphone and serenade yourself in the mirror. It’s a great song. Check it out on YouTube or Spotify and don’t forget to support your local artists!

Favourite lyric: i know she’s sweet but she isn’t me 




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