Uptown Block Party

So the other day, my boyfriend and I went to a local block party at a neighbourhood park with a few friends from our charity league plus a friend of mine from college. And man, they had me at Mediterranean gyros from a food truck. I was sold. Plus, Bob Schneider was playing and if you’re not from Texas & haven’t heard of him, I’m not surprised. He’s a local to Austin and is pure Texan country. But you’re probably wondering about the segway between gyros and country music. It works, promise.

The Uptown Block Party was a blast. They had food trucks (warm gyros covered in feta and lamb, yummmmmm), Peroni the Italian beer sponsored (don’t worry, Mom, we went over this), and there was live music. I was with great friends dancing on the lawn and trying to pet all the dogs I could without making my own jealous when we got home. It was a blast. 

I’m not entirely sure how they got Bob Schneider to headline a freaking block party but they did. And he was super interactive with the small-ish audience. He’s hilarious, plays acoustic guitar, and is a blast live. My boyfriend and I danced together, were probably a little nauseating, but it was worth it.

I guess what I’m trying to say that even though they had food trucks, a great band, and I was with good friends, it was just as much fun to do something free in the neighbourhood, go to a local park, and just have fun. If there’s something like this near you, I highly suggest going. Worst case scenario, you’ll have a story to tell and suggestions for next year’s block party!


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