Kristin Hannah ‘The Nightingale’

I literally just finished this book and all i have to say is wow. This book is powerful beyond measure, even though it starts off slow. I picked this book up a few months ago because a friend recommended it and I needed more books, naturally, even though my bookshelves are close to overflowing.

This book follows a pair of sisters, Vianne and Isabelle, during WWII. One sister gets incredibly involved in The Resistance, saving over 100 lives from Nazi soldiers and the other is barely trying to stay alive yet saves dozens of Jewish children. This book is a gut wrencher and it will make you feel things. Have a box of tissues ready once you finish, I bawled like a baby. Good thing I could snuggle with my dog afterwards.

This book is enlightening into what it took to just survive during WWII in France when the Germans and the SS took over. It’s a great piece of historical literature that dives into just how heinous the SS and the Nazis really were. I don’t think we can really grasp that level of hatred today if you’re not a minority and it’s mindblowing that somebody, let alone a group of people, can hate that intensely.

The Nightingale seemed apt for these times in America. There is so much hatred, bigotry, and more going on that it’s absolutely despicable. We have people that refuse to denounce some of the biggest hate groups simply to ‘preserve history’ yet it’s clear that the longer these groups are thought to be acceptable, the more damage they can do to those who are considered ‘different’.

This is a tangent I could go on and on about and still feel like i haven’t gotten anywhere. AFter all, who am I to talk? I may be a woman living in America but I’m also Caucasian. I read books like The Nightingale to remind myself of history lessons that should never be forgotten or repeated, ever.

Do yourself a favour and read this book. It starts off slowly — to be honest, I almost stopped reading it in the beginning — but it picks up and man, this book is a whirlwind. Once it gets going, you can’t put it down.

Favourite quote: Getting out of bed was not appealing but neither was starving to death. 



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