Sweet mother of pearl, this place doesn’t belong in Dallas, let along the West Village neighbourhood (which for you non-Dallasites is a blend of uppity ad affordable. It’s weird), but I’m sure glad it does. I’ve been looking for a place like this in Dallas that was a perfect mix of hipster, organic, and local. And I think I’ve found it here in Brewed+Pressed.

Fair warning, walking in, you get the feeling that this place belongs in California (ie either Berkeley or Venice) or New York City. Its fresh, clean, and has organic everything. For Christ’s sake, they make their own pumpkin seed milk in-house. If that doesn’t scream hipster, I don’t know what does. Plus, they’ve got plants almost everywhere, the decor is somewhat Scandinavian or Ikea and they have a wall made of living greens. It’s crazy. But I love it. 

It’s been a rough few days for me here. I lost my job, my dog wants to chew on every piece of clothing I wear, and I’m just tired. But I saw one of my dearest and oldest friends the other day and I don’t know about y’all but this friend in particular always just knows the right thing to say to give me a pep talk. It was great seeing him and his new girlfriend. I am so excited for both of them, it’s ridiculous. Isn’t it funny how just seeing a dear friend puts your spirits back at ease?

Anyway, back to Brewed+Pressed. If you’re in the dallas area and aren’t afraid of a little (or a lot..) hipster coffee joint, come here. You’ll get good coffee, some tonics that are supposedly good for you, and you’ll have some stellar people watching to boot.

Since I have some more time now, what do you guys want to see in the next few weeks?! Sound off in the comments!


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