Pink “What About Us”

There are few artists that I’ve loved throughout the years relentlessly and P!nk is one of them. She’s been the kind of female strength I’ve aspired to for the longest time. And I love her constant openness, vulnerability, and unwavering strength in sharing what it means to be human. Her albums have been influential for me throughout my adolescence and early 20’s. And her new music video for “What About Us” is nothing short of inspirational. You can watch it on YouTube here. 

Before watching the video, the song seems to be about the forgotten and about those who are looking for answers in all the wrong places because they haven’t found them in the right ones yet. But hot damn, the video. It starts with a spoken piece that I’m assuming was on the news and related to one of the ongoing protests swarming our country right now. And the message only hones in on being about the marginalized. The choreography in this video is insane. I might be able to hold some kind of rhythm on the dance floor but nothing quite like this.

This song and video really makes you want to protect the vulnerable, the marginalized, and the forgotten. It makes you actually question “What about us?” and it makes you want to fight at the same time. This is the reason why I love music and I love artists that aren’t afraid to make you question the status quo. P!nk is an artist I truly believe won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. She’s a straight up BAMF and is nothing short of inspirational.

I love this song and will be adding it to a playlist to remind myself that I’m worth it.


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