Jackson Pollack — AR style

So I went to Arkansas recently to my boyfriend’s grampa’s house to help him go through some things, watch him work on cars, and get of Dallas for a weekend. Though by no means am I meant for small town life, at all, it was really nice to see a slower pace in comparison to the fast pace I’ve always been used to and sometimes thrive in.

We got to snuggle with some dogs, see a really beautiful part of the country untouched by large cities, industrialization, and the like. There was actually fresh air here and real woods! Something that is always good for the soul is getting out in nature. And sometimes, you just need a reset. I think that was what i needed because i came home in a different mindset and it was really nice to be able to not only appreciate what the city has to offer but also revel in a slower, more laidback vibe that only beach towns and small towns can provide.

Anyway, when we were all tired, and needed a break, Rob’s cousin broke out some .22’s, some whiteboard, and old spray cans left in the garage. Now, keep in mind, I am not a good shot at all. I didn’t grow up hunting or even learning how to handle a gun so it was really fun to see them really go to town with trying to hit the spray cans so that they’d explode and cover the white board in paint. Similar to Jackson Pollack, if he were a redneck, and had access to spray paint & a .22 with enough room to reasonably not hurt somebody unintentionally.

It was a really fun experiment to see how the paints would react with each other and what some of the colours actually were as some were so old, it was near impossible to tell what colour was inside. I even got to try a couple times and came close! Unfortunately, i didn’t contribute much to the paintings except for providing some texture but it was a great way to blow off some steam after a long day and drive.


This is the only shot I got and we did contribute some fun additions to the grass unfortunately. #sorrymotherearth. But as you can tell in the ill-lit painting, the end result was similar to a Jackson Pollack painting. If you’ve never heard of him, Google his work and it’s fantastic! Rob was trying to channel him while hitting a few of the cans.

But the end result was actually really fun and no two pieces were alike. Mostly due to how the cans were hit and the colours we used but it was a rush unlike much else i’ve experienced. It made some really great drip movement and

And keep in mind, i was with people who knew how to handle these sorts of weapons. I don’t advocate using this method of art unless you know how to handle the tools or are under supervision of someone who is!

Let me know in the comments any fun ways you’ve created art in the past!


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